Inconvenience on travel & liquid limit regulations

Exploring new places with skincare bottles are very inconvenience. Especially when flying abroad, liquid restriction must be followed. It’s been 72 hours, you want to upload your travel moments.
You want to stay photogenic and have that fresh look. 

Busy schedules with increasing demand for appearance whether it's online or offline

Morning shopping haul on your favorite brand.
Then it’s time for pilates day with your bff’s.
Lastly, don’t forget your reservation for a romantic dinner. Despite your busy social activities, you need that deep cleanse & refreshing sensation

Growth in fast-paced lifestyle, away more than 12 hours from home

Imagine you start your morning by checking the inventory in supplier factory. But your boss has arranged barbecue lunch to celebrate your promotion.
Yet you want to stay fresh for the 3pm meeting with your biggest client.

We put your story first.

How can we support people's skin when they are busy writing their own story?

SnapGlow Calming Enzyme Powder Cleanser

With more than 12 hero ingredients, gives you the best calming cleanser ever in a Powder form.

Gives you practicality and therapeutic sensation on every application.

Nett. Weight :    50gr per bottle

Volume          :    100ml per bottle




We believe every story is amazing

Why powder wash?

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First Powder Cleanser in Indonesia

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